Morning! Sorta. Again, hope you stayed warm during our last cold snap this week. Looks like warm weather up ahead! Finally! Maybe Mother Nature doesn’t hate us. Or maybe she does. I’m not sure anymore. I’m ready for some swimming weather! One can hope right?

Thought I’d share a picture from one of our friends that have some chickens. Abby couldn’t get the chickens to come up to her for her to take a picture, so she busted an egg and gave it to them. That got ‘em! She couldn’t look at the pictures till they were on the computer, and she had quite the laugh. She sent me this one.


I love perfectly timed pictures like this one! This is one of the best ones I’ve seen so far! By the way, that is egg yolk.

Sorry for such a short post!

Hope you enjoyed!

If you have any questions or things you would like to see posted about, just raise you hand. Oh, wait, no, comment, yeah, just comment.

Have a great rest of day and weekend! See you next week!

Your silly farmgirl,


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Clue to Eternity

Hey there everyone! Hope you’ve had an amazing week! The sunshine and warmer weather are all it takes to make me ten times happier! Now, the wasps on the other hand, not so much. It is good to see butterflies and bees out  in the fields again! And green grass. And flowers. And bugs (for the chickens, mostly). I could go on forever. Sorry I haven’t posted in several weeks. Between not having my computer, not having internet, and going somewhere, I’ve had to miss posting. Which I hate doing! The weeks I don’t post I meant to say something about how there wasn’t going to be a post, but then with me and my bad memory, I forgot. Really sorry about that!

As you know we were going to sell our horse and mule after our little accident. And buy a kid horse for me. Well, we got one! The name on his registration paper is Clue to Eternity. Why, I have no idea. We call him Rocky. That what the his previous owners named him, so we just kept it. We also sold our mule, Mae, a week ago tomorrow. We got Rocky a week ago today. We may have a guy in our neighborhood who is really good with horses rebreak Reba. Here are some pictures of when Mom and I rode him yesterday.


He’s a big teddy bear! Just what I needed!


Oh and another thing. I got milk goats! I got two 3/4 Nubian 1/4 Spanish goats. They are about five months old now. There is Two Socks and Bo. In May I will get another one. She will be 3/4 Nubian and 1/4 Saanen. Already have the name for this one, Buttercup. I got a few pictures of them and Possum goofing off (Possum was the one goofing off, the goats were busy eating).


Possum couldn’t figure out why they were eating grass, so she tried some herself. There were also some blackberry bushes in the pen, which Two Socks and Bo loved. Possum tried those too. Didn’t like them too much.


“Okay, let’s play now!”

As well tomorrow is our homeschool prom/dance! And our 4-H O’Rama! So excited!

Well, see you next time!

Your great dancer (not really) farmgirl,


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Just another day on the farm

Hey there! I wish the warmer weather would stay this way till spring. I am not looking forward to the cooler weather! It won’t be that bad, but it still won’t be that great either! Sorry for not writing last week, I was in Fort Smith with the Hickl girls for Valentines Day. Hope you had a good one too!

So, yesterday, my dad and I were going to ride horses. As I’ve said before, our horses (a horse and mule) aren’t totally calm. It was a little cool yesterday due to the wind, but we’ve ridden them in cool weather before. So dad saddled up Mae (the mule) and he rode her around a little first. She did fine. Just a little spirited. Nothing out of the usual. Well, then came my turn. I got on her and she took off. Now, were not in a big pasture or anything, more of a medium-sized holding pen near our corral. And I am no experienced rider. At first I thought she was just doing her little prance-y thing she does ever now and then. Nope. She started to run. And into the fence we go. Thankfully it ended there. I went over her head and, for the most part over the fence. Dad got me and we walked back up to the corral (Mae only sustained a nick on the nose and a little nick on her hoof). Then dad got back on her to try to calm her down. Again, she did fine. He walked her over to me and asked if I wanted back on (he would lead her). I was going to do that. He rode her around a little more. On his last turn (he was kinda in a corner) she took off again. He just slide off her and hit the fence a little. It was not a fun ride. At all.

Dad only got a few nicks on one side of his body, and is a little sore today. I got a cut on my calf, some scraps behind my knee, and a lovely bruise on my thigh. I wonder if I hit a fence post there, because there is a pattern where that bruise is. We’re just glad it wasn’t any worse.

Sorry to make it so short. Hope you enjoyed. Have a great weekend and hope to see you next week!

Your sore farmgirl,


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Into the future we go

Hey there! Hope your having better weather than us! Mother Nature can’t ever give me a white Christmas, but right when you’re getting ready for spring, she springs rain, snow, and ice on ya! Why?! Oh well, I been hearing that the second part of February is supposed to be warmer than usual, so I’m holding onto that. Well, back to the cold present.

Today I thought I might tell you my plans for my part (side, whatever you want to call it) of the farm. If you have any advice or contacts I would be glad to hear it.

First, as you probably already know, chickens. But it doesn’t stop there, I plan on having all types of poultry/fowl that I possible can get my hands on. Right now my next thing in this section is ducks. I’m hoping on getting Muscovy, but turns out ducks (at least from the places I’ve looked at) are kinda expensive. After that who knows what I’ll want to get!

Next, goats. I haven’t gotten any yet, but I plan and hope on getting a few (probably about two) milk goats this spring. I have my eyes sorta set on getting some Nigerian Dwarfs. I eventually want to get some other breeds, as well (cause I can’t have just one breed). I’m planning to make things (soaps, cheese, and anything else I can think up) with the goat’s milk. Planning, planning, planning! That’s all it takes (and effort, patience, and love for it)!

In this corner, the forest garden! My dad and I sorta dove into this last year, just not quite hard enough. We didn’t get to do all we wanted done. We were going to plant just a fourth of our existing orchard, then the next year the next square and so forth. So this year, he’s going to help me plant and plan the layout, then I take care of the rest basically, which is fine by me. I just hope we get it this year!

By the way, you may know, but a forest garden is basically a forest, but everything is edible. It is wild and a little messy, but navigable.  I did not explain it as good as Robert Hart does in his book, Forest Gardening. It is kinda a hard read, I still haven’t read that much yet. It is very insightful book, if you are interested in anything like this.

In this corner, bees and rabbits! We already have a hive of bees (we think we may have lost on to the cold, and I have a post somewhere about them swarming) we just haven’t been very consistent with it. Hoping to change that quickly! Now rabbits. I haven’t really even thought about them, but I know I want to have them eventually. I don’t know when though. Probably after I have all these others working out for me. But I never know, I may bump it up the list. When I was first thinking about starting anything (I was about 11), it was either rabbits or chickens. At first I chose rabbits. I studied up on them (I don’t recall most of it sadly), then switched over to chickens. I’m glad I did. My chickens have been a lot of fun (even though there have been hard times)! After I got them, I just wanted to do more and expand my part of the farm. I’ve been dreaming and going ever since!

Well, there they are. my planned and unplanned hopes for the future. Again if you have any advice or contacts, I could use them! I hope to hear from you and see you again!

Your dreamer farmgirl,


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Picture Day

Hey! Hope it is warming up a little where you are. It was supposed to be warmer here today, but then it rained, of course. I hope it is all cleared off by Sunday. Speaking of Sunday, what are your plans for game day? Which team are you rutting for? It’s going to be a good game this year. Well, back to today.

Last Saturday was a really nice day, so I got out that morning after moving chickens, and took several pictures. I got some of all the animals, except the goats. Here they are!


This is one of our pure Devon heifers. I’m so glad these cows are docile (as is our whole herd, for the most part), it makes being around them so much easier. I love their deep red color, especially in the spring with the vibrant green grasses. Everything is better in spring! I also really like this cows horns (again, thankful they are docile).


As you can tell, not all our cows are full devon, but we are heading in that direction. This light colored calf, it’s mother (a show cow of   mine), and “grandmother” are all a very light color. Which not only makes them beautiful, but easy to spot in the herd.


This is one of our adorable little lambs. The baby sheep, as you can see, are pretty good at sticking to their mother’s side. All of our baby sheep are red like this because of their dad, Redman. They are our little splash of color in the sheep herd.


This is Ginger, our lead sheep, thus the bell. She is a sweetie, until you pet between her horns. Then she tries to headbutt you. I wanted to get a picture of her because I’ve always loved her looks. She is also the only sheep we have with horns.


This is Reba, the horse, also the attention hog. I let them into water, and it turned out they are very hard to get pictures of. But finally they stood still and I caught a few good ones.


And here is Mae, the mule. I took both their pictures at separate times, but I have no idea what had them looking the same way. There was nothing behind me that I could see. But hey, it made for good pictures, so I’ll take it.


Here are some of our pigs lounging on the hill in the sunlight. I’m just glad they where out to were I could get a picture. And there they lay. So it turned out nicely!


One of my prettiest chickens here. I love the Americana breed because they come in so many different colors. She looks brown in this picture, but she is more silver in real life. I knew I had to get a picture of her when I got pictures of them. And after stalking her for a while, I got one.


Her is my Maran rooster, Dylan. The sunlight hit his colorful feathers just right to make them stand out more than normal. The Americana and Maran are the prettiest of my chickens. I wish Dylan would let me catch him so that I could pet him, but nope. At least I got a of picture of him.

Well, that’s all for today! Hope you enjoyed! See you next week!

Your cooky famgirl,


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All home on the range

Hey there! I hope you’re not anticipating spring too much, cause it is taking it’s sweet, sweet time getting here. I’ve been ready for flowers and honeysuckles for the past few months! At least we are warmer than some of the places closer to home. For that I am thankful. Well, let’s get to it.

Finally! We have all the animals, sheep, goats, pigs (which have always close to the house), and cows all within a mile of the house, as opposed to twenty miles at the farthest. The cows will just be here for a little while, but I’ll take it. I love watching them from the road, or from my grandmother’s house across from where they are now. I don’t want to see them go back to the other place we keep them. I’ll miss their silly antics.

The sheep and goats haven’t been this close to home in a while (actually we haven’t moved the goats to the house quite yet, but soon). I haven’t gone to see the sheep yet, but I plan to really soon, so I’ll snap a couple of pictures for ya. I haven’t seen the sheep or goats in a while, period. I don’t know of anything cuter than a baby goat! Well, I guess a puppy would tie (especially a shepherd of any kind).I’ll try to have a picture up as soon as I can (of the sheep, goats, cows and pigs, not puppies)!

Sorry not to have the picture of my chickens up yet, but I’ve found its hard to take pictures of chickens. They move. A lot. It also doesn’t help that I keep forgetting my camera (a real shocker for me to forget something) every time I go up to my chickens! Now sheep, goats, cows and pigs are pretty easy to snap a quick picture of. Hope you enjoyed and come back next week!

Stay warm and safe!

Your cooky farmgirl,


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The (not to) big move

Hey there! Hope you’ve been enjoying this warmer weather like I have been! These last few months I’ve been anticipating spring more and more. And it is sorta getting here (not yet but this last week has been quite a bit warmer). I’m so excited! There are three main reasons I love spring.

1. Greener grasses and bright flowers,

2. My chickens have more grass and bugs to chase after, and of course,

3. Warmer weather!

What are some of your favorite things about spring?

This morning, we got my chickens moved to a new patch. We close up their coops the night before, then in the morning we hook the coops up to my dads truck and move them (they are on skids). Then move the fence and let them out. One of my coops is floor less. So I have to crawl in there (the door is really small, but I can stand up, but it is a tight fit) or else some of the chickens could get caught up under the bottom board. So as the sun rose (okay not quite that early, but pretty close) you would have found me hidden amongst chickens in a chicken coop as we towed it through the field. That is actually the highlight of moving my chickens for me! For some reason I love it. I’m not so sure if the chickens like me (a filthy human slave) in their beloved coop though. But they forgive me once they see the fresh grass to eat and scratch at.

This morning they were especially happy! After the cold winter, the green grass is coming back as green as ever. Sadly I didn’t get a picture. I’ll try to post a picture of the chickens as soon as I can! I’ll try to have it up by next week.

Here is the picture of the new puppy that I promised!


Wednesday marked a week that we had her, and she has already learned what no means, she is mostly potty trained, and doesn’t whine near as much. We have been very impressed with how smart she is. I can’t wait to be able to teach her tricks! What she does all day is play hard, sleep hard, then use the bathroom, and repeat!

Hope you have a great weekend and week! I hope you enjoyed this post and will be here for the next!

Your crazy farmgirl,


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