Hey there everyone! Hope you’ve enjoyed your summer, cause its about to leave us. It’s been really short, but we’ve been kept busy and had a ton of fun! About every month we’ve had a something big and super fun to do. Speaking of which I’ve got some pictures from one of these events. Its from our vacation to Beaver Lake 2 months ago.

Oh, and sorry I haven’t been posting here lately, it seems something always pops up on a Friday. Last week, we moved me into my brother’s room, but the whole house suffered the consequences. But it all (mostly) settled back down. It does look better though! We still have some stuff to do, like paint cabinets and such. As far as I know, I should be able to post next week. But the week after that, for sure not! Thats the week of our county fair, so I’ll be pretty hooked up at the fair grounds. Anyway, here are the pictures from Beaver Lake!


This picture took awhile to finally capture. From waiting on a boat to go by, then to waiting on the waves to come in and be big enough. But I finally caught it at just the right moment.


I thought I would try to get some different angles on this old tree right by the shore. I really like the old, weathered look of the wood, against the water and the green.


This picture was actually kinda accident. I put the camera on a flat rock to take a picture of the island, but the rock decided to photobomb. But I think it adds to the picture.


Heres another picture of the old tree. I loved the roots in the water. Not really sure why, but I did. Took quite a few pictures of this tree. It was my main model that day.


Hammocking by a lake, after a great swim. Sound awesome? It was! I would put up some ziplining pictures, but that was really fun too! Flying 300 feet above ground was amazing! For a person with a fear of heights, I really wasn’t scared. Thankfully! I wasn’t too good at sticking the landings though!

I really hoped you enjoyed! If you have any requests or questions, just comment! Have a great day!

Your missing the summer farmgirl,


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Say cheese!

Hello! Hope you’ve enjoyed your summer so far! It hasn’t been here very long, but it will be gone in the blink of an eye! I’m so close to the end of my school I can taste it! Or maybe that’s me taking a baseball bat to my computer, which ever comes first.It will come soon enough. Hopefully.

Again, sorry I didn’t let you know that I wouldn’t be posting. This next friday, as far as I can tell, I will be able to write.

Here lately I’ve been getting back into wanting to do photography and draw and write. But mostly photography. So yesterday, after I crashed an awesome picture (a doe and her two fawns, still with spots, were standing on tall golden grass, in golden sunlight, beside and old metal wheel in the middle of our field) I went out and started to take some random pictures of whatever caught my eye as I drove around. So here are some of the ones that I liked the best.



Ok I lied, partially. I took this picture a little while ago, and forgot about it until I downloaded it with all the rest last night. I’ve always liked pictures with a focus like this. I also like how everything is tall.


Here is another one from a little while ago. Same day as the other one. I like taking pictures from different angles to give the “subject” a new look. This tree for example now looks like the biggest, baddest tree in our yard. Now only if I could photo shop a bald eagle in there…


Okay, now the rest of these are from yesterday. Heres another example of that focus thing. If I would have swung over to my left, you could have seen my chickens in this shot. You can imagine the rude looks and noises I was getting for my presence being there and not giving them food. They weren’t pleased.


Right across the road from the previous picture is our horses. The stud (just kidding he’s a gelding) in front is my baby, Rocky. Then theres Reba, the, actually my brothers horse but I take care of her, child off in the back.


I tried and tried to get a good picture like this of Rocky, but no. He hast to constantly move. So then Reba got jealous and came over (literally over me) and struck a few poses for me. She is the photogenic one. I really like the colors in this picture, they all seem to pop a little.


This is probably my favorite one so far. I love the angle, the colors, the look in her eye, everything. Even the clouds look just right. I was so glad this one turned out the way it did. She was totally zoned out and perfectly still!Image


I know, I know, this ones blurry. But its the best i got of him. If it wasn’t blurry it would be by far the best one of him. But again he had to move. Oh, well. Whatever.

Welp, that’s the last of them, and the last for today. I really hope you enjoyed it, and I would love some feedback!

See you next week!

Your professional photographer farmgirl,



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Rabbits and celebrations!

Hey there! Hope you guys (again) didn’t get washed away. To say the least, I’m glad the sun is back out. I know of some people who got up to seven inches in one rain. We were lucky to get just a good soaking rain. Then it went on and on, and it wasn’t fun anymore. I’m thankful for it though! Hope we get some of those rains this summer!

A few days ago, Dad was out in the garden beside our house, weeding around where he had planted some chestnuts and some other types. He pulled back a wad of grass and fur. It was the cover of a rabbits nest! As far as we could tell there were at least six. They are so cute (I wished I could hold one, but I’d rather it live than me hold one)! This morning, we noticed that the cover had been pulled away (they were all still there) but then we came back and they were gone! They had probably just gotten too hot and went into the nearby grass. Hopefully anyway. They are fairly grown, probably about to be weaned. I only have one picture, but here it is.


Sorry its not a great picture, I couldn’t get to close. They were stuffed in there! I’ve always wondered why they all have that little star on their head in the exact same spot. There has to be someone who knows!

Sorry for the short post, but I really need to start school! I’ve got a late start today, as you can tell. I hope you enjoyed! Come back next week!

Come join us for free food and the celebration of MeatWorks turning 1 tomorrow! Its actual birthday is Sunday. But please come tomorrow and join us having a good time!

Hope to see you soon!

Your silly farmgirl,


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Runaway Dairy

Hey there! Hope you guys didn’t get flooded out in the rains yesterday. I know some places got a little bit of flood damage. Thankfully, we didn’t get any damage. We got just what we needed, and we needed it! There was plenty to get Dad and I soaked, and it did. Here, let me tell you about it.

I’ve said we have milk cows, right? Well, anyway, we do. We have three that are milking right now. Dad milks them every morning, except Sunday morning. We pen the calves the night before so they don’t drink all the milk out before Dad gets a chance at it. And as you know, we don’t feed any type of grain whatsoever. So to keep them still while Dad milks them out, we give them alfalfa pellets, which they love. Well, after that random side note, they tend to be (how do I put this nicely) pretty stubborn and not too bright either. And even if they have great grass in their patch, they think they have to get out and go find some other grass (which I’m sure they have in their patch). We just close them into their patch with an electric fence, like we use for all our cows. Lately they have been getting out, but not going far at all.

Well, apparently they decided it was best to get out in the ran and go farther than normal. I noticed part of the fence down when I went to go take care of my little chicken (pullets and cockerels). Not thinking they had gone far, I was then distracted by trying to catch a loggerhead snapping turtle and getting it out of the road (really important stuff of course). Dad showed up (he was coming to look for the cows) got the turtle and asked me if I had seen them. I told him I was going to take care of my lil chicks then go look. I did so. He went to the garden patch, I went to the orchard, no luck. He drove out the road a little ways. No luck. I started to go down past our house looking into the field across from out house. He pulled up beside me and  told me to go back home, he just got a flash flood warning (it was still raining). I went home, changed, them wandered around, peeking out the windows. He called. He’d found them and he needed me to block a road. I drove down to the road (actually a driveway) and blocked it off. Up the road a little ways I saw the cows. The started to go into a woody area, came out, and went into the field (not where we wanted them). One of the calves, the oldest one, didn’t get in and Dad started driving it down the road. I hopped in his truck, then the calf went up the bank that lead to the field (there was a fence, so she didn’t get into the field). I still have no idea how she got her fat self up the bank. I was almost at a ninety degree angle. I had a little trouble getting up. I got her down and she went past the truck going the wrong way. We got her back. Then a little farther down the road. she got through the fence and went to the cows. Dad opened up a gate and got them back on the road. I went ahead and blocked the road off. After a little bit of a wait, they popped over the hill and went into their into the barn. Dad and I penned the calves, then left them in there cause we didn’t know when the rain would stop. If you ever wondered, this is a normal day on the farm (not really). Tracking down milk cows in the rain. Thankfully they were all safe and sound. And in the end all that was wrong was Dad and I were wet and cold.

I hope you enjoyed my slightly too long story! Come back again soon.

Your tracker farmgirl,


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Morning! Sorta. Again, hope you stayed warm during our last cold snap this week. Looks like warm weather up ahead! Finally! Maybe Mother Nature doesn’t hate us. Or maybe she does. I’m not sure anymore. I’m ready for some swimming weather! One can hope right?

Thought I’d share a picture from one of our friends that have some chickens. Abby couldn’t get the chickens to come up to her for her to take a picture, so she busted an egg and gave it to them. That got ‘em! She couldn’t look at the pictures till they were on the computer, and she had quite the laugh. She sent me this one.


I love perfectly timed pictures like this one! This is one of the best ones I’ve seen so far! By the way, that is egg yolk.

Sorry for such a short post!

Hope you enjoyed!

If you have any questions or things you would like to see posted about, just raise you hand. Oh, wait, no, comment, yeah, just comment.

Have a great rest of day and weekend! See you next week!

Your silly farmgirl,


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Clue to Eternity

Hey there everyone! Hope you’ve had an amazing week! The sunshine and warmer weather are all it takes to make me ten times happier! Now, the wasps on the other hand, not so much. It is good to see butterflies and bees out  in the fields again! And green grass. And flowers. And bugs (for the chickens, mostly). I could go on forever. Sorry I haven’t posted in several weeks. Between not having my computer, not having internet, and going somewhere, I’ve had to miss posting. Which I hate doing! The weeks I don’t post I meant to say something about how there wasn’t going to be a post, but then with me and my bad memory, I forgot. Really sorry about that!

As you know we were going to sell our horse and mule after our little accident. And buy a kid horse for me. Well, we got one! The name on his registration paper is Clue to Eternity. Why, I have no idea. We call him Rocky. That what the his previous owners named him, so we just kept it. We also sold our mule, Mae, a week ago tomorrow. We got Rocky a week ago today. We may have a guy in our neighborhood who is really good with horses rebreak Reba. Here are some pictures of when Mom and I rode him yesterday.


He’s a big teddy bear! Just what I needed!


Oh and another thing. I got milk goats! I got two 3/4 Nubian 1/4 Spanish goats. They are about five months old now. There is Two Socks and Bo. In May I will get another one. She will be 3/4 Nubian and 1/4 Saanen. Already have the name for this one, Buttercup. I got a few pictures of them and Possum goofing off (Possum was the one goofing off, the goats were busy eating).


Possum couldn’t figure out why they were eating grass, so she tried some herself. There were also some blackberry bushes in the pen, which Two Socks and Bo loved. Possum tried those too. Didn’t like them too much.


“Okay, let’s play now!”

As well tomorrow is our homeschool prom/dance! And our 4-H O’Rama! So excited!

Well, see you next time!

Your great dancer (not really) farmgirl,


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Just another day on the farm

Hey there! I wish the warmer weather would stay this way till spring. I am not looking forward to the cooler weather! It won’t be that bad, but it still won’t be that great either! Sorry for not writing last week, I was in Fort Smith with the Hickl girls for Valentines Day. Hope you had a good one too!

So, yesterday, my dad and I were going to ride horses. As I’ve said before, our horses (a horse and mule) aren’t totally calm. It was a little cool yesterday due to the wind, but we’ve ridden them in cool weather before. So dad saddled up Mae (the mule) and he rode her around a little first. She did fine. Just a little spirited. Nothing out of the usual. Well, then came my turn. I got on her and she took off. Now, were not in a big pasture or anything, more of a medium-sized holding pen near our corral. And I am no experienced rider. At first I thought she was just doing her little prance-y thing she does ever now and then. Nope. She started to run. And into the fence we go. Thankfully it ended there. I went over her head and, for the most part over the fence. Dad got me and we walked back up to the corral (Mae only sustained a nick on the nose and a little nick on her hoof). Then dad got back on her to try to calm her down. Again, she did fine. He walked her over to me and asked if I wanted back on (he would lead her). I was going to do that. He rode her around a little more. On his last turn (he was kinda in a corner) she took off again. He just slide off her and hit the fence a little. It was not a fun ride. At all.

Dad only got a few nicks on one side of his body, and is a little sore today. I got a cut on my calf, some scraps behind my knee, and a lovely bruise on my thigh. I wonder if I hit a fence post there, because there is a pattern where that bruise is. We’re just glad it wasn’t any worse.

Sorry to make it so short. Hope you enjoyed. Have a great weekend and hope to see you next week!

Your sore farmgirl,


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