Recipes in fall

Hey there everybody! Are you enjoying your fall weather? I am for sure! Although I’m really not ready for winter though! The thought of having to take care of my chickens in multiple layers makes me want summer back. Or spring. Or fall. Anything but winter! Anyway, back to this post. I’m sorry I havent […]

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Fair time!

Hey there! Hope you all enjoyed your August, cause it has left us. This morning I thought about winter and all the cold, and now I’m sad. But it will come and go, just like this summer has. I’m looking forward to the fall though! Lets focus on that! I thought I would tell you […]

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Hey there everyone! Hope you’ve enjoyed your summer, cause its about to leave us. It’s been really short, but we’ve been kept busy and had a ton of fun! About every month we’ve had a something big and super fun to do. Speaking of which I’ve got some pictures from one of these events. Its […]

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Say cheese!

Hello! Hope you’ve enjoyed your summer so far! It hasn’t been here very long, but it will be gone in the blink of an eye! I’m so close to the end of my school I can taste it! Or maybe that’s me taking a baseball bat to my computer, which ever comes first.It will come […]

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Rabbits and celebrations!

Hey there! Hope you guys (again) didn’t get washed away. To say the least, I’m glad the sun is back out. I know of some people who got up to seven inches in one rain. We were lucky to get just a good soaking rain. Then it went on and on, and it wasn’t fun […]

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Runaway Dairy

Hey there! Hope you guys didn’t get flooded out in the rains yesterday. I know some places got a little bit of flood damage. Thankfully, we didn’t get any damage. We got just what we needed, and we needed it! There was plenty to get Dad and I soaked, and it did. Here, let me tell you […]

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Morning! Sorta. Again, hope you stayed warm during our last cold snap this week. Looks like warm weather up ahead! Finally! Maybe Mother Nature doesn’t hate us. Or maybe she does. I’m not sure anymore. I’m ready for some swimming weather! One can hope right? Thought I’d share a picture from one of our friends […]

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